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  • Admissions Procedures

    The purpose of the admissions process is to determine whether candidates have the requisite qualities to begin the process of formation and preparation for priestly ordination and ministry. Members of the Admission Committee take steps to get acquainted with the seminarians at the cam­pus in Krakow. The Dean of Human Formation at Orchard Lake meets with the Rector in Krakow during the summer to make the decision to send a seminarian to Orchard Lake. Observations from the members of the Admission Committee are taken into consideration.

      Documentation Required in the Admissions Process:

      • Application
      • Birth certificate
      • Sacramental records
      • Autobiography
      • Psychological assessment
      • Medical report
      • Academic transcripts (a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution and sufficient education in philosophy are required)
      • Canonical investigation
      • Criminal background check (U.S. Citizen)
      • Immigration documentation
      • Pastor's recommendation
      • Recommendation from rector of previous seminary
      • Recommendation from employer (if applicable)
      • Recommendation from rector in Krakow
      • Admissions committee report