Tuition and Fees




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Tuition and Fees

Fall 2016



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 Tuition, Room, and Board for Seminarians


Tuition                                                      $ 8,718.00 Per Semester

Room                                                        $ 3,871.00 Per Semester

Board                                                        $ 4,784.00 Per Semester

Pastoral Year                                            $ 1,000.00 Per Semester

Polish Student Transfer Fee                   $ 2,000. 00 Payable once


Interest of 5% Annually on unpaid tuition


Seminarians Fees


Activities Fee                                            $200.00   Per Semester

Living Allowance                                     $1,000.00 Per Semester

Health Fee**                                             $900.00 Per Semester

Retreat/Recollection Fee                           $150.00 Per Semester

Transportation Fee                                    $500.00 Per Semester


**For Seminarians not affiliated


Other Fees apply to Seminarians and Lay Ministry Students


Program Application                                 $75.00*   Payable once

Profiles of Ministry                                   $75.00     Payable once       

Registration                                               $175.00* Per Semester includes IT fees

Change in Registration                             $35.00       For Adding, Dropping, or Withdrawing from a course.

I.D. Card                                                     $35.00 New or replacement

Graduation Fee                                           $ 275.00

Transcript Fee                                            $ 15.00 Student signature required


* Non-Refundable Fee

Tuition for Lay Ministry Students


Graduate Tuition                                         $385.00   Per Credit Hour

Graduate Audit Fee                                     $280.00   Per Credit Hour

Prerequisite for MA in Theology                $300.00 Per Institutional Credit Hour


Payment of Tuition and Fees


Payment of Tuition and Fees: At registration for Lay Ministry Students

All fees and 50% of the total tuition are to be paid at the time of registration. Balance of tuition must be paid by the end of the fifth week of the semester.





Refunds are based on the full amount owed by the student for the respective courses. In cases of official withdrawal, tuition refunds will be made according to the following schedule (Fees are not refundable):

100% - within the first week of the semester

80% - within the second week of the semester

60% - within the third week of the semester

40% - within the fourth week of the semester

20% - within the fifth week of the semester


Refunds will be granted with an official withdrawal form signed by the Program Director and the Academic Dean.


Policies on Change in Registration


Students may add or drop a course during the first week of classes (see semester calendar) by completing a Change in Registration Form signed by the Program Director.  A fee of $ 35.00 is charged for each change in registration.


After the Add/Drop period, students may withdraw from a course by completing a Change in Registration form signed by the Program Director.  A fee is charged for each withdrawal.  A Withdrawn course is recorded on the student's transcript with a W grade.  Failure to complete an official withdrawal will result in an F grade and the student will be responsible for all fees and ineligible for any refunds.