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Our Lady of Lourdes





Rest in Peace

Msgr. Stanley Milewski

30 November 1926 - 6 July 2014

"May the angels lead you into paradise."


Click here for the Mass booklet and other documents from the funeral.

Pictures are available in the Photo Gallery. 




Fr. Pawel Piotr Lis

Fr. Lis, a member of our faculty and the Dean of Students has successfully completed his Licentiate in Canon Law (JCL).


Fr. Pawel Piotr Lis, STM, STL, JCL






Order of Priest


Rev. Mr. Gabriel Barrera, Diocese of Paterson, NJ May 24

Rev. Mr. Marcin Chilczuk, Diocese of Brooklyn, NY June 28

Rev. Mr. Cezariusz W. Jastrzebski, Diocese of Brooklyn, NY June 28

Rev. Mr. Piotr A. Kmiecik, Diocese of Biloxi, MS June 7

Rev. Mr. Maciej Stelmach, Diocese of Joliet, IL May 17

Rev. Mr. Adam Urbaniak, Diocese of Biloxi, MS June 7


Order of Deacon

Marcin Dudziak, Archdiocese of Mobile, AL May 31


Lukasz Lech, Diocese of Brooklyn, NY August 16

Tomasz Strzebonski, Archdiocese of Denver, CO August 16, 2014


Michal Twaruzek, Diocese of Joliet, IL May 17


Radoslaw Zablocki, Archdiocese of Detroit, MI April 12


Welcome Visitors

  We welcome our visitors, especially Bishops and Vocation Directors, to the Seminary.  During the few days of their visit, they join the community for Mass and daily prayers.  While here Vocations Directors meet with students studying for their own dioceses and also meet with other members of the community as well as staff and faculty members.    


Rest in Peace

"Amen, Amen, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life."  John 6:47

Please remember in your prayers:

Msgr. Stanley Milewski


Please remember in your prayers all the deceased members of the families of the Orchard Lake Schools.


Please pray for the entire Orchard Lake Community.