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The Symbolism of the Advent Wreath



A wreath is always in the form of a circle. A circle has no beginning and no end. Thus, it is a symbol for God Who is eternal, having no beginning or end.


The circle is made of evergreens. These branches, as the name states, are “ever green” (i.e., ever alive). They are symbolic of Christ, Who died, but Who is alive, never to die again. They also symbolize our own immortality of the soul. Christ came into the world to give us never-ending life.


Entwined among the circle of evergreens are red holly berries. These are like drops of blood.  They symbolize that Christ came into this world to die for us. It is through the shedding of His blood that we have eternal life.


The wreath contains four candles, three violet and one rose. These symbolize the four weeks of the Advent season, our preparation for Christmas. Each day, the Liturgy tells us of the expectation of the Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels begin to introduce us to the characters of the Christmas story. Each week another candle is lit. As the light from the wreath increases each week as it grows brighter, it reminds us that the birth of the Light of the World is coming closer. So, may our souls grow brighter as this season of grace continues. The violet color is not so much representing the penitential attitude of Lent, but rather a seriousness and somber mood of preparation. The one rose candle is lit on the third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday. Rose is a mixture of violet and white. It is as if the joy to be celebrated at Christmas, bright white, cannot be contained and bursts forth a little into the Advent season.


At the base of each candle, or in one place on the wreath itself, there should be (a) blue bow(s).  This is to remind us of Mary, the Mother of God, who bore Him in her womb and brought Him forth into our world.


At Christmas time, the four candles should be replaced with all white tapers. The Advent wreath should be in a prominent place in the church. Many families also have a smaller wreath in their homes. This home wreath both reminds families of the wreath in their church and is a connection to their local parish. The candles are lit at the main meal of the day, with the new candle lit preferably at the main meal on Sunday. Joining around the table at home should also remind the family of the table of the Lord around which they gather each week to celebrate the Eucharist.


A New Book

Fr. Robert Marczewski, our Dean of Spiritual Formation, has just published a new book about the legacy of Pope St. John Paul II.  Click here and here for more information.  The book is available through the Orchard Lake Schools Bookstore.  A link to the Bookstore can be found at the top of this page.


Welcome Visitors


Most Rev. Chad Zielinski, Bishop of Fairbanks, Alaska, December 1

Rev. Tomasz Strzebonski, Alumnus, Archdiocese of Denver, CO, December 2-3

Rev. Burke Masters, Vocation Director, Joliet, IL December 2-3

Rev. Michal Falgowski, Patterson, NJ, Alumnus, December 9-13


  We welcome our visitors, especially Bishops and Vocation Directors, to the Seminary.  During the few days of their visit, they join the community for Mass and daily prayers.  While here Vocations Directors meet with students studying for their own dioceses and also meet with other members of the community as well as staff and faculty members.  


New Photos

Photos of this year's Seminarians are now in the "Seminarians 2015" album of the Picture Gallery.  The Pictorial Directory will be posted later.  Pictures from recent Seminary events are also available.


The Chancellor's Senate

Recognition Dinner

will be held on Sunday, December 13th.

For more information, click here.

For a membership application form, click here.

The Chancellor’s Senate provides persons with an opportunity to assist the Orchard Lake Schools in standing strong for the truth, addressing timeless needs in an ever-changing world and ensuring our vitality in the future.  Any person who has sent a son to St. Mary’s Prep, and benefited from the Catholic high school formation we provide, may be interested in participating in the Chancellor’s Senate opportunity.  Any person recognizing that the Church is on loan to us from future generations may be interested in participating in the Chancellor’s Senate.  Any person who recognizes the efficacious signs through which the Lord gives us grace, the sacraments, which can only be administered by a priest, may be interested in participating in the Chancellor’s Senate opportunity.  Any person interested in preserving Polish culture may be interested in participating.  Anyone who has prayed in our chapel, or at our Grotto, may be interested in participating.  The Chancellor’s Senate is the financial lifeblood for sustaining the vital mission of the Orchard Lake Schools:  “Since 1885, a prestigious center of faith, culture and excellence” 

We invite you to Save the Date and participate in the Chancellor’s Senate Membership this year on Sunday evening, December 13, 2015.

Five Levels of participation include:

Cum Laude Membership:  $1,000 investment for 2015

Magna Cum Laude Membership:  $2,000 investment for 2015

Maxima Cum Laude Membership:  $5,000 investment for 2015

Summa Cum Laude Membership:  $10,000 investment for 2015

Perpetual Summa Cum Laude Membership:  Investments of $100,000 or more


If you would like to confirm your reservation now, please call Wendy Mosella in the Development office at 248-683-1759. 

Let us worship fully, spend less, give more and love all!   



Rest in Peace

"Amen, Amen, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life."  John 6:47

Please remember in your prayers:


Please remember in your prayers all the deceased members of the families of the Orchard Lake Schools.

Please pray for the entire Orchard Lake

Community as we celebrate

131 years

of service to the Church .