Lay Ministry Director's Welcome




Our Lady of Lourdes


It is my pleasure to welcome you to SS Cyril and Methodius Seminary and, I hope, to our fantastic Lay Ministry Program. 

In these pages, you will find resources to aid your consideration of further graduate work in theology.  Of course, should you have any questions which are not answered herein, do not hesitate to contact me directly; I will help in any way I can.    

While we would love for all of you to pursue one of our graduate degrees (M.A. [theology], M.A. in Pastoral Ministry, and M.A. in Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis in Catechetics) with us as full-time, on campus students, we know that for many of you, graduate work will be pursued on a part-time basis, in addition to full-time employment.  Therefore, we are working hard to make all of our courses available online (currently, our entire Sacred Scripture curriculum can be taken in an online format).  Concurrently, we are taking a hard look at our program requirements (pre-requisite courses, required courses, etc.), with hopes of unveiling new guidelines in the very near future.  So, please stay tuned. 

In short, however, know this: we would love for you to come study with us, and we want to make your program as edifying and efficient as possible!   

Until then, I would be happy to chat with you at your convenience, and I look forward to that opportunity. 

With prayers for you, and with hopes of working together in the future, I am,

Dr. Joshua D. Genig