Mission and Core Values


St. Cyril


For nearly 125 years SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary has been aware of

its unique place and mission in the Church and in society. The Mission

Statement of SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary articulates the purpose of the institution and provides a basis for its goals, programs and activities, and its relationship to constituencies served.

The Mission of the Seminary is actualized in the following purposes:

-- To provide a program of priestly formation for priesthood candidates

that offers the Master of Divinity degree and is in conformity with:

The Decree on the Training of Priests, Optatam Totius (1965);

Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis (1985); and

The Program of Priestly Formation, Fifth Edition (2006).

--To provide a program of theological education and ministerial

formation for lay people seeking preparation for other ministries in the

Church, offering the following degrees: Master of Arts (Theology), and

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry.

--To provide a program of English language proficiency and

acculturation/inculturation for international students seeking to minister

in the Catholic Church in the U.S.

-- To offer clergy opportunities for theological and pastoral-ministerial

continuing education according to the teaching of the Second Vatican


--To offer adults opportunities for continuing education in biblical

studies, theology, spiritual theology, and religious education.

The charism of SS. Cyril & Methodius

Seminary was elucidated in light of

its patrons by Pope John Paul II in his

encyclical Slavorum Apostoli, issued in June

of our centennial year 1985:

It is in the specific area of missionary activity that the

example of Cyril and Methodius is of even greater value. For

this activity is an essential task of the church and is urgent

today in the . . . form of inculturation.

By exercising their own charism, Cyril and Methodius made

a decisive contribution to the building of Europe not only in

Christian religious communion but also to its civil and cultural

union . . . Being Christians in our day means being builders

of communion in the church and in society. This calls for

openness to others, mutual understanding, and readiness

to cooperate through the generous exchange of cultural and

spiritual resources. (26, 27) Pope John Paul II


Core Values of SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary

--The mission of Cyril & Methodius, immigrant missionaries to the

Slavic peoples, inspires us to welcome newcomers, both candidates

for priesthood and lay ministry students, who value the multicultural

environment of the U.S. Catholic Church and respect the rich cultural

heritage of all believers.

--In the pioneering spirit of our founder, Rev. Joseph Dabrowski, we

provide authentic, national leadership in celebrating and interpreting the

spiritual legacy of Catholic Polonia and serve as a bridge between the

Catholic Churches of America and Poland.

--With a profound reverence for all peoples as complementary

expressions of God’s multiform creation, we seek to stand on the cutting

edge of the dialogue between the Gospel of Christ and human culture.

-- As a fellowship of seminarians and lay ministry students we desire

to find Jesus among us, discover his presence in each other, and be

transformed by His word in vibrant academic study.

-- We are committed to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and

to actively participate in the inter-religious and ecumenical conversation

that fosters a more profound understanding of the church’s apostolic

witness and liturgy.