Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry - Catechetics (M.A.P.A.) - Admissions

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Admission Requirements

All students applying to the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry with
Specialization in Catechetics program must complete the following
requirements for admission:

1. Completed application form

2. Official transcript demonstrating the achievement of a

Baccalaureate degree or equivalent (determined by the academic

dean), preferably a Bachelor of Arts degree; any other official

and/or pertinent transcripts of graduate or undergraduate credits

3. Prerequisite background courses:

12 credits in theology or religious studies

6 credits in philosophy

6 credits in the social sciences

4. A brief autobiographical narrative which includes a résumé of

educational and religious background, work or ministerial

experience, and motivation for pursuing graduate study

5. Two letters of recommendation indicating the applicant’s aptitude

for graduate study in theology and catechetical ministry

6. Interview with a faculty admissions committee,

which includes the academic dean and the director of lay ministry

7. Criminal history background check

Admission is subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee.