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Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry requires the successful completion of 48 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.7. In addition, students are required to participate in the Profiles of Ministry assessment before they complete 12 credit hours and to engage in annual goal setting for their ministerial formation. The program consists of

core theology courses, selected courses in pastoral ministry, and field education.

Electives are ordinarily pursued in theology and/or pastoral ministry. The Integrating Seminar,

which serves as the exit requirement, enables the student to become aware of the interactive

roles of experience, tradition, theology, and culture within a given ministry.

Course work for the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry is distributed as follows:

Core Theology 25 credits

SS 512 Pentateuch 3

SS 523 Synoptic Gospels and Acts 3

ST 541 Fundamental Theology 3

ST 611 Christology 3

ST 672 Ecclesiology and Mariology 3

MT 531 Fundamental Moral Theology 3

LS 652 Christian Initiation 2

Selected course in Church History 3

Selected course in Spiritual Theology 2

Pastoral Ministry Requirements 14 credits

PM 611 Pastoral Counseling 3

PM 861 Ministry of Administration and Leadership 3

*Selected courses in Pastoral Ministry 8

Field Education 3 credits

FE 600 Introduction to Field Education 1

FE 601-650 Selected field placements 2

Integrating Seminar 2 credits

IS 800 Integrating Seminar 2

Electives 4 credits

Total: 48 credits

*Courses are selected in the area of Pastoral Ministry by the student,

in consultation with the program advisor.