Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (M.A.P.M.)

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Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (M.A.P.M.)


The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (M.A.P.M.) degree aims to prepare men and women for leadership and service roles in a variety of lay ministries, such as parish pastoral ministry, pastoral care of the sick, grief ministry,

social ministries (Christian service, prison ministry, etc.), and various ecclesial

ministries requiring pastoral leadership. The degree program consists

of general theological education integrated with pastoral studies which

emphasize ministerial skills.

Goals and Objectives

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry degree program is designed to guide

the student in developing the following attitudes and competencies:

--To understand and articulate the Roman Catholic theological

tradition as a basis for ministry

--To perceive and perform one’s ministry within the larger context

of the mission of the Church

--To affirm the dignity of all persons and to respect and foster

multicultural diversity and good ecumenical/interreligious

relations within a faith community

--To work harmoniously with other ministers and lay professionals

--To see personal spiritual development as integral to fruitful

Christian ministry