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Stanley Bielawski Brent Chapel

Stanley Bielawski Brent Chapel

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Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Theology requires the successful completion of 36 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.7. Core theology courses, courses in an area of concentration, and exit options are required. During the last semester of study, all students will take an oral comprehensive examination covering core courses and the selected area of concentration.  Course work for the Master of Arts in Theology is distributed as shown below and is continued on the next page:


MA (theology) Program Requirements

*For students entering after Fall 2012


Intro to Philosophy for Grad. Theo. St.                    0 (3 Institutional Credits)            

Intro to Sacred Scripture for Grad. Theo. St.          0 (3 Institutional Credits)



Core Theology Curriculum:


SS 510               Intro to OT                                    3

SS 520               Intro to NT                                    3

ST 541                Fundamental Theology               3

MT 531             Fundamental Moral Theology     3

LS 521                Intro to Liturgical Studies           2

                            Selected Course in Church Hist.  3

ST 642                Spiritual Masters                          2

ST 611                Christology                                     3


Area of Concentration Curriculum:


                            Electives in

Area of Concentration                        12


Summative Exercise Option:


M.A. Thesis                                             2            OR        Additional Electives               2

One 50 page thesis,

within the student’s area of



Oral Comprehensive Examination                           Oral Comprehensive Examination


Total Credits:                                                                                   36