Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.)

Adam Cardinal Maida Celebrates Mass

Adam Cardinal Maida Celebrates Mass

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Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.)


The Master of Arts in Theology is an academic degree for men and women who seek greater breadth and depth in theological studies along with a focus on an area of theological specialization. This degree is designed to serve students with a variety of motivations for study: the desire to enrich and integrate their personal faith (in the mode of St. Anselm’s description of theology as “faith seeking understanding,”); the intent to enhance their present ministerial or professional involvements; the achievement of theological competence for teaching at secondary or undergraduate levels; preparation for the pursuit of advanced graduate studies and/or research in theology.

Goals and Objectives

The Master of Arts in Theology degree program is designed to guide the

student in developing the following understandings and abilities:

--To understand and demonstrate a broad grasp of theology,

in its biblical and historical roots and the diversity of areas of

theological inquiry

--To articulate and integrate the history of Catholic theology

and contemporary theological concerns and questions

--To demonstrate a facility with methods of theological research

--To demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between

theology and pastoral ministry

--To demonstrate level of expertise in the student’s area of

theological concentration