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Course Syllabi


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Fall 2015 Courses

PT 050

Philosophy for Theological Studies

PT 051

Introduction to Sacred Scripture

  Sacred Scripture
SS 510 Introduction to the Old Testament
SS 625 The Prophets and Later Historical Books
SS 650 Wisdom literature and Psalms
SS 821 Johannine Literature and Revelation
  Systematic Theology
ST 502 Introduction to Theological Research
ST 541 Fundamental Theology
ST 611 Christology
ST 623 Missiology
ST 673 Ecclesiology
ST 752 Theology of the Sacraments
  Moral Theology
MT 531 Fundamental Moral Theology
MT 841 Social Ethics
  Liturgical Studies
LS 652 Christian Initiation
LS 872 Worship Practicum I
  Canon Law
CL 611 Introduction to Canon Law
  Church History
CH 531 Patrology
CH 653 History of the Catholic Church Universal
  Spiritual Theology
SP 642 Spiritual Masters
HOM 625 Foundations in Homiletics
HOM 781 Liturgical Preaching
  Pastoral Ministry
PM 501 Lectionary Readings
RE 552 Principles of Catechesis
Pm 611 Pastoral Counseling
PM 752 Marriage Counseling
PM 861 Ministry of Administration and Leadership
  Integrating Seminar
IS 800 Integrating Seminar
  Field Education
FE 600 Introduction to Field Education I
FE 611 Placement, Supervision and Theological Reflection

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