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Our Lady of Lourdes

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Winter 2015 Courses

PT 050

Philosophy for Theological Studies


PT 051

Introduction to Sacred Scripture

  Sacred Scripture
SS 520 Introduction to the New Testament
SS 610 Pentateuch and Deuteronomic History
SS 650 Wisdom Literature and Psalms
SS 710 Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles
SS 750 Pauline Literature and New Testament Epistles
  Systematic Theology
ST 582 The Trinity
ST 720 Mariology
ST 721 Theological Anthropology and Eschatology
ST 752 Theology of Sacraments
ST 775 Theology of Marriage
ST 842 Reconciliation and anointing of the Sick
ST 870 Theology of Holy Orders
  Moral Theology
MT 651 Sexual Ethics
MT 851 Bioethics
  Liturgical Studies
LS 521 Introduction to Liturgical Studies
LS 663 Liturgical Music for Presideers
LS 873 Worship Practicum II
LS 841 Eucharist
  Canon Law
CL 761 Sacramental and Ecumenical Law
  Church History
CH 762 History of Catholicism in the US
  Spiritual Theology
SP 762 Spiritual Direction
HOM 771 Preaching Practicum
HOM 872 Preaching Internship
  Pastoral Ministry
PM 502-503 Pastoral Spanish I - II
RE 621 Methodology of Catechesis
PM 622 Pastoral Ministry to Immigrants
  Field Education
FE 613 Introduction to Field Education II