Course Descriptions - Spiritual Theology

Crucifx at Brent Chapel

Crucifx at Brent Chapel


SP 642 Spiritual Masters 2 credits

The course is intended to present the selected spiritual masters and their unique approach to spiritual life.  The study of the selected spiritual classics will also enable the student to learn various approaches to spiritual life within the broad context of Catholic spirituality.  Once familiarized with the lives and teachings of the selected masters, the student will be better able to appreciate the beauty, diversity, and richness of spiritual life.  Special emphasis will be given on how these treasures may be interpreted, understood and used today.

SP 762 Spiritual Direction 2 credits

The course is intended to present the ministry of spiritual direction as a participation in the spiritual fatherhood of God. A spiritual director becomes a visible and effective instrument in the art of spiritually begetting, leading and nourishing God’s children on the way to Christian perfection. Special attention will be given to three aspects: role of the spiritual father/mother; role

of a spiritual son/daughter; nature of the relationship between both parties in spiritual direction.

SP 990 Directed Study 1-2 credits