Course Descriptions - Pastoral Ministry

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PM 611 Pastoral Counseling 3 credits

The counseling process and the skills necessary for the pastoral minister in fostering the spiritual and psychological wellness of the human being.  The ability to deal with ordinary life experiences as well as emotional stress and mental strain. Topics include: divorce, loss, child abuse, substance abuse, grief, crisis situations, and psychological and sexual disorders.

PM 622 Pastoral Ministry to Immigrants 2 credits

Theology of migration and pastoral care of migrants in light of Church documents. Pastoral care of Polonia: historical overview, origin, development, religiosity and new forms. Pastoral care of migrants: model, functions, and tasks. The Polish, Hispanic and Asian Apostolate in the United States as a contemporary structure of pastoral care.

PM 730 Cultural Context of Pastoral Ministry 2 credits

A study of faith and culture. Rethinking pastoral ministry in the light of cultural change. Understanding the multicultural context of the parish and framing creative responses to shifting cultural patterns. Exploration of issues affecting the parish today, such as, racism, fundamentalism, the changing family, senior citizens, etc. Facilitate mapping cultural shifts experienced by participants in their journey to adulthood and in ministry.

PM 752 Marriage Counseling 2 credits

Healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns in marriage and family life. Pastoral counseling skills needed to deal with stress and breakdowns in marriage and family communication. Approaches to counseling crisis situations in marriage.

PM 762 Youth Ministry and Catechesis 2 credits

Catechesis of adolescents in the Church today as envisioned in recent Church documents. Developmental theories, principles of moral and spiritual formation and curriculum models. Relationship of catechesis to youth ministry.

Also listed under RE 762

PM 772 Adult Faith Formation 2 credits

Holistic and interdisciplinary approach to religious formation of the adult in today’s parish that includes the vision, presumptions, structures and programming principles and guidelines as proposed in the catechetical documents affecting adult faith formation. Principles of psychological and faith development of the adult. Planning and evaluating religious formation programs for adults.

Also listed under RE 772

PM 861 Ministry of Administration and Leadership 3 credits

A study of parish life in order to identify and apply skills for the integration of spiritual and administrative leadership in parishes. Administrative skills and techniques needed in positions of leadership ministry. Topics include: legal issues, leadership styles, collaboration, conflict management, personnel, budgeting, planning and evaluation.

Also listed under RE 861

PM 872 Penance Practicum 2 credits

Integration of moral, liturgical, and pastoral principles and applications of moral and canonical norms in offering guidance. Case method approach to issues related to the family, liberation, violence/non-violence, the environment, business, medicine, sexuality, and life and death. Emphasis on the role of the confessor and various personal skills for celebrating the rite of Penance/Reconciliation. 

Priesthood candidates only

PM 990 Directed Study 1-3 credits