Course Descriptions - Liturgical Studies

The Cross

Crucifx at Brent Chapel



LS 521 Introduction to Liturgical Studies 2 credits

A preliminary study of the anthropological, historical, scriptural, and normative character of Christian worship, with particular emphasis on liturgical spirituality, time (the Liturgical Year and Liturgy of Hours), theology of celebration, liturgical preparation, fundamental concepts and sources.

LS 652 Christian Initiation 2 credits

Historical, textual, and theological study of the development of the rites of the Catechumenate, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, and Mystagogy in the formation of Christians as a basis for pastoral evaluation and implementation of the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults.


LS 662 Liturgical Music for Pastoral Ministry 2 credits

A theoretical and practical survey of liturgical music: its nature and role within the sacred rites. Focus on liturgies with children, the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults, and the Liturgy of the Hours with creative uses of music within the context of parish life.

LS 663 Liturgical Music for Presiders 1 credit

A survey of musical settings of Orations, Eucharistic Prayers, dismissal formularies, the Exultet, Morning Prayer and Vespers for the presider.  Demonstration and explanation of the fundamentals of the use of the voice.

LS 690 Lay Leadership of Public Worship 2 credits

This course is designed to assist lay ecclesial ministers to develop competency in leading assemblies in worship as well as supporting sacramental celebrations and other ritual actions. These include Liturgies of the Word  services, funeral vigils and committals, children’s Liturgies of the Word, days of recollection, communion to the sick and homebound and other occasional prayer services. In this practicum, the student will learn how to prepare the various celebrations as well as how to preside and preach at them.

LS 841 Eucharist 2 credits

Origins, history, and theology of the Eucharistic Liturgy and cult in both the East and the West. Analysis of the elements of the rite, controversies and conciliar decrees which laid the groundwork for contemporary Eucharistic praxis and understanding. Pastoral and social issues to be highlighted.

LS 871 Worship Practicum I 2 credits

A mentored, hands-on experience examining how the proclamation of Sacred Scripture, liturgical gesture [rubrics], ritual words [formulae], and ministerial roles blend together during liturgy to actualize the Church on a parish level. Emphasis is given to the deacon’s role as leader in prayer, to the faithful who, acting in concert with him, exercise their appropriate liturgical functions, and to the Church’s liturgical books, with their corresponding General Instructions.

Priesthood candidates only

LS 873 Worship Practicum II 2 credits

Continuation of Worship Practicum I, with an emphasis on the ordained priest’s role as leader.

LS 990 Directed Study 1-3 credits