Course Descriptions - Field Education

Crucifx at Brent Chapel

Crucifx at Brent Chapel



FE 600 Introduction to Field Education 1 credit

Group learning process for international seminarians crossing cultural borders. Focus on developing basic attitudes and skills for multicultural ministry in the United States. Practical guidance and direction for becoming integrated into American society, culture, and the ecclesial life and faith of a local Church. Topics include: theory and practice in learning the art of crossing cultures, cultural adaptation/adjustment (acculturation/inculturation), cross-cultural effectiveness, country/culture shock, cultural identity and pluralism.  Required course for foreign-born seminarians.

FE 611 Introduction to Field Education II 1 credit

An introduction to ministry in the Roman Catholic tradition as it relates to the theology and identity of the minister, the social, ecclesial, and historical contexts, and the practice of ministry. Theological field education and its components:  placements, supervision, and theological reflection.  Connecting pastoral formation with and integrating the human, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions of priestly formation.  Developing a habitus to interpret pastoral experience or activity in light of Scripture, church teaching, personal faith and pastoral practices.   

FE 601 Ministry with the Sick and Dying I 1 credit

FE 602 Ministry with the Sick and Dying II 1 credit

FE 603 Ministry to Society I 1 credit

FE 604 Ministry to Society II 1 credit

FE 605 Ministry of Catechetics I 1 credit

FE 606 Ministry of Catechetics II 1 credit

FE 607 Ministry in Criminal Justice I 1 credit

FE 608 Ministry in Criminal Justice II 1 credit

FE 609 Parish Experience I 1 credit

FE 610 Parish Experience II 1 credit

FE 612 Summer Ministry to Society 1 credit

FE 621 Ministerial Initiatives 1 credit

FE 631 Transitional Diaconate I 1 credit

FE 632 Transitional Diaconate II 1 credit

FE 650 Clinical Pastoral Education 2 credits

FE 700 Parish Internship 1 2 credits

FE 701 Parish Internship 2 2 credits