Course Descriptions - English as a Second Language

The Cross

The Cross



ESL Level 1 Courses for international students who have scored at the beginning level on the English language placement test administered by the ESL faculty.

ESL 111/121 — Grammar 1: Sentence structure, nouns and pronouns,

adjectives, basic verb tenses

ESL 112/122 — Reading/Writing 1: Introduction to academic reading and

writing skills (paragraphs), with the goal of encouraging student to become

independent readers and writers.

ESL 113/123 —Listening/Speaking 1: Introduction to English conversation,

academic listening, oral presentations and pronunciation skills.

ESL Level 2 Courses for international students who have successfully

completed Level 1 ESL courses or scored at an intermediate level on the


ESL 211/221 — Grammar 2: Advanced verb tenses, complex sentences,

conditionals, gerunds, active and passive voice.

ESL 212/222 — Reading/Writing 2: Academic reading skills, understanding

organization, main ideas and supporting ideas; academic vocabulary

development; writing 5-paragraph essays; citation of sources in research.

ESL 213/223 — Listening/Speaking 2: Comprehension of academic

lectures and fast native speech; reading aloud in public; more detailed oral

presentations and focus on speaking to be understood.