Course Descriptions - Church History

The Cross

Crucifx at Brent Chapel


CH 531 Patrology 3 credits

Introduction to the writings of select Christian authors of the first seven centuries of the Church (from Ignatius of Antioch to Isidore of Seville). An examination of the interaction between Christianity and Greco-Roman culture and the development of Christian Literature as an original and rich contribution to the history of human thought.

CH 631 Patristics 3 credits

Historical and literary analysis of the most important texts of the early Christian Literature, particularly in the area of Theology (Trinity, Christology, Ecclesiology, Liturgy, Homiletics). A monographic study of an eminent author will be offered. Basic knowledge of Greek and Latin required.

CH 653 History of the Catholic Church Universal 3 credits

A study of Catholic church history from post patristic era to the present day. A study of the problems confronting the Christian world in 1500 and a comparison of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations. A study of the spread of Christianity outside of Europe, as well as an examination of Catholicism’s relationship with the modern world. An historical analysis of the development of Catholic thought, with an emphasis on the Ecumenical Councils of Trent, Vatican I, and Vatican II.

CH 762 History of Catholicism in the United States 3 credits

An historical study of the Catholic Church in the United States from colonial times to the present day, reflecting her multicultural origins and ecumenical context. A survey of the major religious traditions and movements in American history that have significantly developed the nation as a whole.  A study of New Spain, New France, and the Catholic community in New England. An analysis of the role of the Catholic community in American Independence, the adjustment to a new nation and the growth and development of a Church through immigration. The history of Black, Hispanic and Asian Catholics. Focus on the relationship between religion and society in various contexts.

CH 990 Directed Study 1-3 credits