Course Descriptions - Catechetics

Crucifx at Brent Chapel

Crucifx at Brent Chapel



RE 552 Principles of Catechesis 2 credits

Theory and praxis of catechesis in the Roman Catholic tradition.  Development of the catechetical movement in Christianity. Principles articulated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other pertinent Church documents. Developmental theories and their implications for catechesis and growth in faith life.

RE 621 Methodology in Catechesis 3 credits

Educational and catechetical theories, methods, and techniques for effective use in a catechetical process. Examination of textbooks, materials, and resources. Relation of faith development to catechetical methodology.

RE 631 Sacramental Catechesis 2 credits

Catechesis of sacraments based on current Church teaching, theology, and liturgical rites.  Emphasis on Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.  Sacramental preparation of students, involvement of parents, catechetical approaches to main sacramental themes through signs and symbols.  Application of diocesan policies and canon law.

RE 641 Catechesis within the Mission of Evangelization in the US 2 credits

Study of the National Directory for Catechesis (NDC) and the ongoing renewal of catechesis within the contexts of a diverse US culture. Focus on the nature, purpose, object, tasks, basic content, and various methodologies of catechesis as well as the formation of catechists and catechetical resources.

RE 762 Youth Ministry and Catechesis 2 credits

Catechesis of adolescents in the Church today as envisioned in recent Church documents. Developmental theories, principles of moral and spiritual formation and curriculum models. Relationship of catechesis to youth ministry.

Also listed as PM 762

RE 772 Adult Faith Formation 2 credits

Holistic and interdisciplinary approach to religious formation of the adult in today’s parish that includes the vision, presumptions, structures and programming principles and guidelines as proposed in the catechetical documents affecting adult faith formation. Principles of psychological and faith development of the adult. Planning and evaluating religious formation

programs for adults.

Also listed as PM 772

RE 990 Directed Study 1-3 credits