Course Descriptions - Canon Law

Crucifx at Brent Chapel

Crucifx at Brent Chapel


CL 611 Introduction to Canon Law 3 credits

Exploration of the theological and historical background of Church Law.  Principles of legal interpretation. Overview of 1983 Code of Canon Law and post 1983 legislation. Attention to General Norms, People of God, Teaching Office of the Church, Sacred Places and Times, Temporal Goods of the Church,  Sanctions in the Church and some processes.

CL 625 Canonical Procedures in the United States 1 credit

A survey of various procedures, defined in Church Law, frequently used by parish priests in their ministry such as hierarchical/administrative recourse, declaration of nullity of marriage, convalidation, hierarchical structure:  extradiocesan and diocesan in the juridical composition of tribunals, etc.

CL 761 Sacramental and Ecumenical Law 3 credits

Systematic study of material legislation and jurisprudence especially 1983 Code of Canon Law. Attention to canonical-theological understanding of marriage, pre-marital investigations, declaration of nullity, convalidation, diriment impediments, and dissolution of marriage. An investigation of the sanctifying function of the Church including sacraments and ecumenical law.

Prerequisite: CL 611

CL 990 Directed Study 1-2 credits